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Soccer Heads

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Sports-Head-SoccerSoccer Heads is the new points based online soccer game. It scores really well in quality aspect of online gaming. Gameplay feels touch familiar, but it’s not an easy game. This is not just the standard soccer game, considering the types of power shots available to the player. The "Power Shoot" ; "Lightning Shoot" ; "Dragon Shoot" and "Ice Shoot" can beat your opponent literally. Simply put, Soccer Heads is an easy to learn 2D football game that combines football tackling and power shots. The goal of the game is to score as many as you can in every kickoff. The gameplay of the Soccer Heads are very incredible. There are multiple modes in the gameplay "arcade" , "tournament" , "survival" and "multiplayer". Among the many flags available, some flags stay locked initially. You must earn points in the game to unlock flags. The play is pretty much a slider type. "Left" and "Right" are the only directions available in controls. Additionally you have a kick option to score and jump option to defend. Two players defend their posts in arcade mode. Ball being out of play isn't an option. The balls rebound into play once it misses goal post. The only time gap you would get, is when a goal is hit. Nevertheless, a kick off doesn’t last more than a minute. Pacey and dynamic gaming experience is a real prospect. The game is also comical and fun. You can use power shots, which cannot be easily defended. Power shots injure players on screen and comical bruises are depicted on player faces. Power meter keeps changing as you progress and it determines if power shot is available to you or not. You can play this neat game with your friends and a multiplayer mode is in place too. The gaming premises are completely physics based. Players on screen use their heads as much as their feet, hence the name Soccer Heads. So you can try out one of the most interesting flash games fo free at

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